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One thing we know for sure. Anchor In Marina has more versatile and expansive storage capacity and services than any other marina facility on northern Michigan's Inland Waterway.


With over 55,000 sqaure feet of indoor boat storage space pace and endess outdoor storage space on our 22 acre property, Anchor In Marina at the confluence of the Cheboygan and Black Rivers provides all the options you could possibly ask for in terms of boat storage. And if you need some repairs during the off season... that's our specialty. We're proud of the work we do to keep your boat in perfect shape.


Winter and Summer Storage


Winter Storage – Determined by square foot of vessel. Length (bow less pulpit, to end of platform or IO) x beam = total sq ft.


Inside Storage Rates Include:

A.    Lift fee and Labor, Power wash bottom, Stands & Blocking or Customer Trailer, and Storage space.   Spring launch and Lift fee .                                  $3.90 sq ft.

B.     Boats 24’ and up delivered by customer on trailer.                     $3.30 sq ft.

C.     Boats up to 24’ delivered by customer on trailer.                        $3.00 sq ft.


Outside Storage Rate Includes:

D.    Lift fee and Labor, Power wash bottom, Stands & Blocking or Customer Trailer, and Storage space.  Spring launch and Lift fee.                                   $2.95 sq ft.

Notes:   The above rates DO NOT include labor and/or material costs for winterization of engines, removal of batteries from boats (for owner storage or Marina storage), draining of fresh water systems, draining of bilge, draining of waste systems, or filling of fuel tanks (required by Anchor In Marina).  Rates DO NOT include labor for installation of batteries, commissioning of systems and engines in the spring. There may be additional fees for handling.


Boats not removed from storage prior to June 30th of the following summer shall pay summer storage equal to one half of the above winter storage fees.

Owners working on their own boats will be charged an hourly rate for any cleanup required.


Daily or Temporary Storage


Guests with Campers : $20.00 per night - Bath House and laundry facility available

Boats on Trailers :

                Inside:    $4.00/day*  or  $200 a month       

                Outside: $2.00/day*  or  $100 a month

                *$25.00 minimum


Trailers –  $25.00 per month or an annual fee of $100.


Our Partner Marina

Mullett Lake Marina offers new Crownline Boats, Berkshire Pontoons, Mercury Marine Products,and more. MLM is just up the Cheboygan River on the north end of Mullett Lake.


We have one of the biggest storage facilities in Northern Michigan. We offer indoor and outdoor storage. Shrink-wrapping services also available.

Contact Us

Phone: (231) 627-4620